The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group


The DFWCUG is an organization in Dallas TX that works with and helps organize new Cisco Users Groups in the US.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group is an independent users group which meets on the first Wednesday of each month for the open exchange of technical information regarding the networking industry and Cisco products for the benefit of Cisco users.
Our meetings are free to attend - all we ask is that you sign up via our membership / meeting announcements mailing list.

We also have a pizza buffet starting at 6:00 pm (no charge) with the main meeting starting at 6:30 pm.

Our Next Meeting - Wednesday December 6, 2017

How to become a Penetration tester - An attempt to guide the next generation of hackers through my mistakes


Penetration Testers (aka.Ethical hackers) come from different backgrounds: developers, database, system, or network administrators,etc.. In this talk we will discuss how the decisions you are making today may influence your area of expertise. We will also cover the different paths, certifications that matter, jobs that will help you towards the area you wish to specialize in and what skills you should be concentrating in while in school. Finally, we will go over expectations of becoming a penetration tester, we will touch on women within penetration testing and give you an idea of what to expect in the real world. I have stumbled through security with no guidance for most of life. Let me stop you from making my mistakes and wasting money in certifications that wont take you very far.


Perla Caston, OCSP, Penetration Test Consultant, IBM X-Force Red

Perla Caston is a Security Consultant with IBM X-Force Red is an elite, global team that provides security testing services to organizations of all sizes. Perla has has over fifteen years of Network Security experience focusing on Firewalls, Linux administration, IPS/IDS, and VPN technologies, along with SOX, HIPAA and PCI compliance. Perla holds a bachelor in Computer Sciences, and OSCP, CCSE, CCEPE, CSSA, MCTP, CISSP, CCSA.

Our Last Meeting - Wednesday November 1, 2017

Intent-Based Networking: Telling the Network What You Want Rather Than What to Do

Cisco was caught a bit flat-footed in the early days of SDN, first denying that it would ever amount to anything. Only later, after a flood of startups and open initiatives proved its importance, did Cisco take the SDN plunge. It certainly isn’t making that mistake with Intent-Based Networking (IBN). While a few startups such as Apstra and Veriflow have recently come out of stealth mode, Cisco turned heads this past June with its announcement of its own IBN initiative.

IBN is, simply, an application of machine learning and analytics to the orchestration of networks. Rather than configuring individual network nodes to support a diversity of applications, or even configuring the network through a “single pane of glass” orchestration layer, IBN lets you express your intent rather than traffic handling instructions. It’s an important step down the road toward autonomous, programmable, application-defined networks.

This presentation examines the history behind IBN, the essential components of an IBN system, takes a look at where IBN is leading the industry and what it means for your career.

Jeff Doyle, Author, CTO Seshaat, Inc

Jeff Doyle is the author of Routing TCP/IP Volumes I and II; OSPF and IS-IS: Choosing an IGP for Large-Scale Networks; a co-author of Software Defined Networking: Anatomy of OpenFlow and Juniper Networks Routers: The Complete Reference. He is also the author of Cisco Press LiveLessons on BGP and on the Shortest Path First algorithm, a writer for Network World, Forbes, Information Week, and several other publications, and is currently working on books on Segment Routing and on Network Functions Virtualization.

Specializing in large scale routing, MPLS, IPv6, BGP policy, and SDN, Jeff has designed or assisted in the design of service provider networks worldwide.

The DFWCUG thanks our last meeting sponsor


Glow Networks was established in 1999 as a solutions provider to Nortel Networks, with a focus on optical networking solutions. Since then, Glow Networks has grown to become a preferred solutions provider to Cisco, particularly to the Advanced Services Group. Glow Networks has many CCIE certified and senior level engineers working around the US in a variety or roles supporting Cisco. In addition, we provide Project Management support to various groups within Cisco.

Local Contact:

Mark Jacobs