The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group


The DFWCUG is an organization in Dallas TX that works with and helps organize new Cisco Users Groups in the US.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group is an independent users group which meets on the first Wednesday of each month for the open exchange of technical information regarding the networking industry and Cisco products for the benefit of Cisco users.

Our meetings are free to attend - all we ask is that you sign up via our membership / meeting announcements mailing list.

We also have a pizza buffet starting at 6:00 pm (no charge) with the main meeting starting at 6:30 pm.


Our Next Meeting - Wednesday September 3, 2014

The Five Steps to Building a Zero Trust Network

Are you worried about the frequency of successful cyber attacks against today’s enterprises?

The current security model is broken ---based on an outdated assumption of trust, and reliance on solutions that don’t provide adequate protection.

Zero Trust promotes an alternative model of “never trust, always verify” as its guiding principle. By establishing Zero Trust principles in critical segments of your network, you can protect intellectual property from unauthorized applications or users, reduce the exposure of vulnerable systems, and prevent the lateral movement of malware throughout your network.

Join John Kindervag, VP and Principal Analyst from Forrester Research as he discusses:

Why traditional network security approaches are failing
Zero Trust – what it is and what it means to you
Progressive approach to creating a Zero Trust architecture



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