The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group


The DFWCUG is an organization in Dallas TX that works with and helps organize new Cisco Users Groups in the US.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group

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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group is an independent users group which meets on the first Wednesday of each month for the open exchange of technical information regarding the networking industry and Cisco products for the benefit of Cisco users.

Our meetings are free to attend - all we ask is that you sign up via our membership / meeting announcements mailing list.

We also have a pizza buffet starting at 6:00 pm (no charge) with the main meeting starting at 6:30 pm.

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Our Next Meeting - Wednesday May 6, 2015

Zero to CCNA in 120 Days... and Preparing for other Advanced Certifications

Obtaining Cisco certifications is key to getting your foot in the door to your next job and/or to land that promotion and a raise. Whether you are obtaining your initial CCNA certification or your CCIE certification (or higher), the process to acquiring the certification tends to follow similar steps in the written test preparation process.

This presentation will explore the test preparation process and while its focus is primarily on the CCNA certification it will also cover preparing for higher level Cisco certifications such as the CCNP and CCIE. We will explore in detail what is covered on the CCNA exam(s). Additionally, we will talk about how to “get your head straight” when it comes to allocating your precious time and money resources towards your goal of obtaining your CCNA or other certification. The process presented will help provide you with key resources, strategies and philosophies that, if followed, should allow you to start with a very limited networking background and progress to where you are ready to successfully pass your CCNA test(s). Included in the discussion on resources is a quick introduction to the new and exciting Cisco personal, Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) software that you will really want to include in your suite of study materials. VIRL addresses many of the limitations of the older GNS3 lab software and allows you to configure routers and switches of various types including IOS, IOS-XR, IOS-XE and NX-OS. Finally, if you are planning on going for a Cisco CCNA certification or higher Cisco certification in the near future, you don’t want to miss this presentation.



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