The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group


The DFWCUG is an organization in Dallas TX that works with and helps organize new Cisco Users Groups in the US.

The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group


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The Dallas / Fort Worth Cisco Users Group is an independent users group which meets on the first Wednesday of each month for the open exchange of technical information regarding the networking industry and Cisco products for the benefit of Cisco users.
Our meetings are free to attend - all we ask is that you sign up via our membership / meeting announcements mailing list.

We also have a pizza buffet starting at 6:00 pm (no charge) with the main meeting starting at 6:30 pm.

Donate to the DFWCUG

The DFWCUG is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We depend on your generous donations to help fund the operations of the DFWCUG which includes paying the operating costs of our Domain Name and Web Page. Please consider making a donation.

Our Next Meeting - Wednesday May 1, 2019

Securing the Datacenter with Micro-Segmentation

Data centers have become drastically more complex in the last decade, and it’s only getting worse. Technology advances daily, and by the time IT engineers finish an implementation, it’s already time to upgrade. Developers are deploying and upgrading applications faster than anyone could have ever imagined. We no longer have a data center filled with bare metal servers, in a single data center, doing single tasks. Instead, we have virtualized workloads doing multiple things, spread across various geographical locations; sometimes being hosted across multiple providers, such as AWS or Azure. This is in addition to our on-prem workloads.


In all this, attackers are becoming more and more advanced. Threats are constant, and they aren’t going away. By compromising a single host, hackers are able to move freely throughout our data centers, without the fear of containment or rapid response. We cannot continue to deploy 1990’s concepts and technologies and expect to not be compromised at some point. We need to start thinking outside of the box and deploy solutions that will not only baseline and learn our environments, but react quickly when things are behaving abnormally.  


JP Cedeno, Technical Solutions Architect - Cisco Systems, CCIE #47408

JP started his career 19 years ago as a desktop support administrator. He quickly evolved his skills and became a network systems engineer, primarily dealing with Microsoft and VMware products. His projects included building and migrating large scale VMware clusters along with doing Active Directory, Exchange, and MSSQL upgrades and migrations.


JP was eventually promoted to a managerial position overseeing the enterprise infrastructure group. It was his job, and the job of his team, to maintain all systems within the data center. At this point in his career, JP had achieved his CCNA and CCNP in routing and switching. As a manager, he felt it was his duty to better support his team and achieve his CCIE.


After passing his CCIE lab exam in 2015, he spent a little over 1 year redesigning iPexpert's CCIE R&S bootcamp. He moved on to join Cisco as a Technical Solutions Architect, and also formed his own company to provide the best Cisco training on the market. XtremeIE currently provides high quality video training to hundreds of engineers looking to advance their skill set and become a true expert.

JP Cedeno 

Sponsor for May 1, 2019

DFWCUG welcomes The Judge Group as our monthly

meeting sponsor for May 2019



The Judge Group is a privately owned, leading professional services firm specializing in technology solutions, talent solutions, and learning solutions.

As a global services provider, our solutions are successfully delivered through the annual placement of over 4,500 professionals and a network of over 35 offices. Working at the crossroads of people and transformative technologies, The Judge Group delivers smart business solutions—powered by bright people—to help organizations reach their strategic goals and realize opportunities now and in the future.

Quick Facts:
Judge has been providing training services to Cisco for over 10 years
Judge has been providing staffing services to Cisco since January 2010
Judge is a Cisco Premier Partner
Judge is a Cisco Professional Services Subcontracting (PSS) Partner

Vanessa Springer
Vice President of Sales
phone: 806.543.5795


Our Last Meeting - Wednesday April 3, 2019


IoT and Your Career

As Rod Serling said so long ago; There is a new dimension, beyond that which is known to man, it is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity." Well it’s my opinion that we stand on that middle ground between what is known and unknown, between light and shadow, between science and superstition. We find ourselves as network professionals, standing between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge, this is the dimension of imagination, it is a place we now call the Internet of Things. (Credit goes to Rod Serling for the above words I have borrowed and edited slightly)


Back a couple of years ago we reached a threshold. There are now more devices or things on the internet than people. Thanks to science fiction writers like Rod Serling, this might stoke the fires of fear in some. Yet the fact is we remain in that orange hued dawn of a new era, where so far, the things are there to help us, to make life better.

What does this mean for your career you might ask?

You can wander the virtual landscape between the Redwoods of information technology, or you can garden there. You can shape the future as surely as a Bonsai is sculpted with care, love, passion, or you can wander around them. While the rest of the world is daydreaming, gazing up at the clouds, you can deal with the roots of the technology that holds them aloft. That massive forest of technology that stretch so high as to hold the attention of the masses while the few are cultivating the roots of the Internet of Things is fertile ground for your career..

Your career is a commodity, a pellet of fuel, and your journey to make an impact, the passion of ideas that will culminate in a role shaping the future.

How do you get ready?

How do you earn that role?


Eman Conde, CCIE Agent to the World

CCIE Agent Eman (Emmanuel Conde) has been in IT since 1974 with hands on in many IT solutions. In the time since he began his IT career he always gravitated towards management. In the 1990 when manager of TAC at BANI he was introduced to the fledgling CCIE program. After sending many folks to the 2-day lab in San Jose these people became his calling. In 2008 he was invited to join a Cisco program called SRS (Strategic Recruitment Solutions) becoming the only Cisco authorized CCIE recruiter promoted by the worldwide channels of Cisco Systems. His focus has remained on the careers of Cisco certification hunters and their careers. With this focus he has been able to mentor and support many hundreds of future and present CCIE holders. Because he supports so many clients looking for Cisco certification holders his insight in the market and opportunities is unique. His CCIE Flyer and many Social Media groups have introduced him to many thousands and his appearances at Cisco Live and other Cisco events cement these relationships with personal conversations.


Eman Conde 


Sponsor for our Last Meeting

DFWCUG thanks MpowerMe for being our monthly

meeting sponsor for April 2019



MpowerMe provides innovative IT staffing solutions with a focus on network infrastructure across many industry verticals.

MpowerMe has a recruiting approach different than most traditional staffing and recruiting firms: Simply put, we understand technology and we understand people. That combination gives us the ability to deliver top talent at the right time. We believe that in order to truly understand if a candidate and a company are a good match, you need to understand what the position entails. Just like as an engineer needs to understand the business requirements in order to architect a working solution, a recruiter needs to understand the business and technical requirements of a position and speak the same language with the candidate in order to make the match.

MpowerMe knows the Cisco community and can provide contract IT professionals, contract-to-permanent and permanent placements across the US.

Kristi Wade
Technology Talent Magnet
kwade AT
(817) 239-3005


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